Helps MinistriesMinistry Based on Helping

Agabus Drama Team

The Agabus Drama Team produces skits, plays, and videos.

Care Team

The Care Team is the primary outreach to people in need of care; whether surgery, sickness, family loss and need.

Facility Team

The Facility Team ensures that our building and grounds are well kept and safe.

First Responders Team

The First Responders Team is comprised of trained health care professionals to provide first aid in the event of a health crisis or accident.

Gatekeeper Safety/Security Team

The Gatekeeper Safety/Security Team ensures that everyone is safe, especially children, during gatherings and events.

Greeter Team

The Greeter Team distributes bulletins and provides assistance to guests.

Media Team

The Media Team bring behind-the-scenes support to gatherings. They ensure that the sound and lighting compliment the worship experience. They also stream the gathering live over the Internet, maintain websites and social media, and produce videos for distribution.

P.I.T. Crew

Pastor's Intercessory Team - the leading edge of prayer at Covenant.

Stage Design Team

The Stage Design Team designs and installs creative stage themes to enhance the worship experience.

Transportation Team

The Transportation Team operates buses and vans allowing those without transportation to attend gatherings.

Usher Team

The User Team assists in seating and receiving offers.

Worship Team

The Worship Team leads the congregation into the presence of God through exhortation, singing, music, and exuberant worship!

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